Admission Procedure

Admission Procedure

First of all Download   the Application  from  the College Website . Submit the Application  form attached with photocopy of Hr . Sec Part II marks card and category certificate in College w.e.f  5th of August 2020 to 25th of August 2020. The timing for submission of Application form in the College will be from 10:AM to 2:PM .The first merit list will be displayed on 31st of August ,2020  of your name in the merit list , then  fill the Admission form , Library form with the following documents:-
For State Board Students

  1. Provisional Certificate in Original.
  2. Character Certificate in Original.
  3. (3 Nos.)Photocopies of Hr. Sec Part II Marks card .
  4. 1 Photocopy of Provisional Certificate.
  5.  1 Photocopy of Character Certificate.
  6. 4 Latest Passport size photographs.
  7. Category Certificate if any.
  8. 1 Photocopy of Registration Certificateof 10th class.
  9. Income Certificate / Ration Card -1 Photocopy.
  10. Domicile Certificate -1 Photocopy.

Documents   for  C.B.S.E   Students

  1. Original Marks card of Hr. Sec Part II.
  2. Original  Transfer  Certificate .
  3. Original Migration Certificate.
  4. 1 Photocopy   of Migration Certificate.
  5. 1 Photocopy  of  Transfer Certificate.
  6. 1 Photocopy  of Marks  card of  Hr . Sec  Part II.
  7. 1 Photocopy   of Marks card of 10th class.
  8. 4 Latest Passport Size photographs.
  9. Income Certificate / Ration Card -1 Photocopy.
  10. Domicile Certificate -1 Photocopy.



I Male/ Female / Transgender _______________D/o / S/o Sh.____________________R/o______________ do hereby  solemnly affirm and declare as under:

  1. There I am seeking admission to Sem.-I , III & V in Govt. _____________________________ College Jammu, session 2020-21 on the basis of my class merit.
  2. That I shall abide by the rules and norms  of the institution in order to maintain  the decorum and discipline of the institution. I further undertake that if I shall misbehave or indulge in ant unlawful and antisocial activities  and shall be liable to be punished upto the extent of expulsion from the college in case I am found involved in any such activity.
  3. That I have not sought admission in any academic/technical/professional Govt./private college within or outside the state.
  4. That in case I seek admission or get selected for any professional/technical/academic govt./private college within or outside the state I will get myself discharged from the college before obtaining admission in any of the above institution.
  5. That I have not sought job in any Govt./non Govt. organization , found  which my admission shall be cancelled)

Signature of Student


CBSE Students

CBSE Students have to produce the following  in addition to above affidavit:

  1. Original Marks card of Hr. Sec Part II.
  2. Original  Transfer  Certificate .
  3. Original Migration Certificate.
  4. 1 Photocopy   of Migration Certificate.
  5. 1 Photocopy  of  Transfer Certificate.
  6. 1 Photocopy  of Marks  card of  Hr . Sec  Part II.
  7. 1 Photocopy   of Marks card of 10th class.
  8. 3 Latest Passport Size photographs.


 "I Male/ Female/Transgender ___________________________ daughter / son of ________________ of __________________ hereby declare that I am  seeking provisional admission to________________ class in Govt. Degree College Paloura, Jammu on the clear understanding that my admission to the class is provisional and is subject to confirmation on the issue of a certificate of eligibility by the University under rules. If for any reason whatsoever the University declines to issue the said certificate, my provisional admission will automatically stand cancelled.

Signature of Student


  • Eligibility certificate from Jammu University (Application form can be had from can be had from the college and a fee of Rs.880/- is to paid the University).
  • Transfer certificate of father or guardian in case of children of Military personnel's or Central Govt. Employees in State, if migrating from other state to J&K.

    Annexure I

    Anti-Ragging Undertaking (for Ist, 3rd &5th Semester & Undertaking by the students

    1. I Male/ Female/Transgender______________ S/o,D/o _________________having been admitted to Govt Degree College Jammu City Paloura, have been apprised of the UGC Regulation on curbing the menace of ragging in the higher Educational Institutions, 2009 (herein called the Regulation ) have carefully read and fully understood the provisions contained in the said regulation.
    2. I have , in particular , perused clause 3 of the Regulation and am aware as to what constitutes ragging.
    3. I have also, in particular , perused clause 7 and 9.1 of the regulation and am fully aware of the penal and administrative action that is liable to be taken against I in case he is found guilty of or abetting ragging actively or passively , or being part of a conspiracy to promote ragging.
    4. I hereby solemnly declare and undertake that :
      1. I will not indulge in any behaviour or act that may be constituted as ragging under clause 3 of the Regulations.
      2. I will not Participate in or abet or propagate through any act of commission or omission that  may be constituted as ragging under clause 3 of regulation.
    5. I affirm that, if found guilty of ragging , I am liable for punishment  according to clause 9.1 of the Regulation , without prejudice to any other criminal action that may be taken against I under any penal law or any law for the time being in force.
    6. I hereby declare that I have not been expelled or debarred from admission in any institution in the country ; on account of being  found guilty of , abetting or being part of conspiracy to promote ragging and further affirm that, in case the declaration is found to be untrue , the admission of my ward is liable to be cancelled.

    Signature of the Signature of Student



    Solemnly affirmed and signed in my presence on this the ______________________day of ______________of _______________after reading the contents of this affidavit.


    Private Candidates have to submit the following documents

    1. Provisional certificate in original from the Head of the Institution last attended.
    2. Matric certificate in original along with attested Photostat copy.
    3. Character certificate from the institution last attended. The lapse of time should not exceed 6 months otherwise character certificate from the First class Magistrate will have to be produced.
    4. Marks certificate in original along with two Photostat Copies duly attested.
    5. Three copies of recent Passport size photograph.
    6. Candidate who has passed his/her examination as private candidate should produce result card and provisional certificate issued by the board authorities.

    I Male/ Female/Transgender________________D/o / S/o Sh.____________________ R/o______________ do hereby declared that I have not been admitted in any professional college, and that in case, I get selected in any professional college, I shall get myself discharged from the Academic college, before obtaining admission in a technical institution.

    Signature of Student


    General Rules To Be Followed After Admission

    • Every Girl student will attend the college in the prescribed Uniform as under:
    • For Unmarried :  Plain White Salwar , Kameez and dupatta.
    • For engaged:    :  Plain White Salwar , Kameez and Pink dupatta.
    • For Married: :  Pink  Salwar , Kameez and dupatta.
    • For Winter: :  Black Sweater with uniform.
    • Every male student will attend the college in the prescribed uniform as under:
    • White Shirt , Black Pant ,Black Tie and black shoes .(Black Sweater/Jackets in winters)
    • Every student will enter the college with proper uniform :
        • Boys à White Shirt and black pant.
        • Girls à White uniform black sweater for both boys & girls.
    • The students without uniform will be penalized as per colleges rules.
    • Students granted any scholarship or Financial Assistance may have to refund the whole amount drawn by   them if they are found guilty of breach of discipline.
    • Every students is required to attend at least 75% of the total lectures delivered during the session in each subject for appearing in the University Examination.
    • Students who want to go during working hours should have prior permission from the parents /guardians.
    • Student shall not allowed to enter college after 2 period.
    • The Student will not leave the college premises during the working hours except with the principal's or Dean's permission.
    • A student wishing to withdraw from the college must to so in writing and the application for withdrawal must be countersigned by his/her father or guardian.
    • Carrying of Identify Card is mandatory . Any one who  is found without Identify Card can be fined.
    • For all fines taken by any official/faculty a proper receipt should be procured.
    •  Mobile phones are not allowed in the college premises . Any one found using mobile phone will be fined Rs.100/- and the phone will be confiscated.
    • Each and every student is under the survellience of C.C.T.V .

    Discipline :
    It shall be the duty of the students on rolls of the college not to indulge in any act of discipline and to help the discipline committee  of te college  to maintain  discipline and decorum in and outside the college campus.The discipline committee may according to the nature and gravity of offence:

    • Expel a student
    • Rusticate a student for same period (as determined by discipline committee)
    • Impose fine ( to be decided by the committee)
    • Impose any other punishment which in the discipline committee, shall prevent the student concerned from repeating acts of indiscipline .


    Minimum Eligibility for appearance in Examination

    A semester Examination for B.A/B.Sc.Corse shall be open as under:-

    1. A regular student i.e a student who has under gone a regular course of in a college for the period  specified for that corse of study  by having been the rolls of the college Immediately preceding the Examination and has his/her name submitted to the Controller of Examination by the College Principal where he /she has pursed  the course for the Examination and has fulfilled following condition to be certified by the College Principal Concerned.
    2. He/She has been a student of good Conduct .
    3. He / She has atttented not less than 75% of the Lectures delivered including seminars ,tutorial etc in each course opted by him/her in seminar.
    4. He/She   has passed in Internal assessment .
    5. He/She has paid the prescribed fee.
    6. A student who does not fulfill the minimum requirement of attendance in Lectures in a coursed will not be eligible to sit in this semester/ Annual Examination in that Course. Such a student will have to repeat the course when the classes  in that course are held by the College.