Anti ragging Cell

Anti ragging Cell

College Anti ragging Cell

      The College has Anti-Ragging Committee which provides ragging free environment in the college.
      Anti-Ragging committee remains involved in prohibiting, preventing and eliminating the menace of ragging in the college and looks after the welfare of the students.
      The main purpose behind anti-ragging committee is to orient student and mould their personality for a better cause.
      Depending upon the nature of gravity of the offence as established the possible punishment for those found guilty for ragging at the institutional level shall be any of the following:
      • Suspension from classes.
      • Withdrawal of scholarship
      • Cancellation of admission
      In order to create anti-ragging environment in the college, the institution is following the guidelines of MHRD in which a student will have to submit his/her details online on the mentioned sites: and He/She will confirm and agree that he/she will not engage in ragging in any form.
      The policy of Zero Tolerance is completely followed by the committee in which no act of ragging, major or minor shall go unnoticed. No student whether male or female shall go unpunished. This exercise has exterminated the evil practice of ragging and its effect.
      The committee always encourage reporting through all the available means. The college Admission Committee takes undertaking from the students at the time of admission.

College Anti-Ragging Committee:

Prof Geetanjali Multani (Convener)

  • Prof Narayan Dutt
  • Dr Savi Behl
  • Dr Anoop Kumar
  • Dr Sanjay Kotwal
  • Prof Moni Mehra
  • Prof Kusha Sharma
  • Prof Vijay Kumar