Various Committee and Cells

Various Committee and Cells

Career Councelling Cell
To provide information   to the students , regarding the various career options available to them and to help them identify the ones conforming to their aptitude. We gave opportunity  to various educational &Career institutes  to interact with students by holding interactive sessions and seminars apart from holding brainstorming and awareness lectures.

Grievience Redreassal Cell
The management has established a Grievience Redreassal Cell in the colloge . Any person among the students or staff can lodge his/her complaint with the cell and demand appropriate redreassal. The complaint register and the Box are available with the dean students.

Harassment Committee cell
This Committee is especially designed for Girl Student in any case if they want to raise their voice against any type of exploitation /Harassment.

College has IQAC Committee which helps college data updated.

Women's Development Cell
A women's development Cell has been setup  in the college  which enrolls students who want a deep insight to get sensitized to the women issue and to develop the entrepreneur skills.


Ragging is a cognitable offence under Law:
Ragging In any form in the college campus shall be taken as a very    serious offence. The rules and regulations of UGC Regulations on curbing the menence of ragging in Higher Education, Institution 2009(herein called the Regulations )will happy . If anyone found guilty . the college has set up Anti-ragging committee and the decide the punishment as per UGC rules and regulation according to the nature and gravity of offence.
Name of the Committee Members

    Prof . Narayan Dutt



    Prof . Shashi Prabha



    Prof .  Anita Jamwal



    Prof . Anoop Kumar



    Prof . Sanjay Kotwal




Youth United for Voters awareness club (Yuva Club)
The college has opened the young voters Registration cell the function of the club will be to register young voter 18+age in the college campus. The Club will also create awareness among the young students election related activities and importance of their valuable vote.

Literacy Clubs
Various  clubs are running in College to keep our students in pace with the present scenario.

  1. Literacy  Club
  2. Science  Club
  3. Mathematics  Club
  4. Eco-Club


College Magazine
The College Magazine shall be published every year comprising English , Hindi, Sanskrit, Punjabi ,Urdu, Dogri , sections.


College Newsletter
The college bring out Electronic Newsletter highlighting its activities & also containing the news items on the current issues on its website (


College Student's Union
At the onset of the new session College Student's Union is elected in the college. The election process will be very democratic and transparent . Class representatives will be elected from each section of General English in all the classes . The election procedure will be followed  by taking nomination and voting is by secret ballot . the student executive  will be elected by the representatives . The elected students union shall act as representatives of the students and all student problems are  routed through them to the college administration through the student welfare Committee. They shall help college administration in all college function and maintain discipline in the college. They will act as motivating force for the students to follow college rules and regulations. There shall be monthly meetings of student representatives and student welfare Committee to redress to the problems arrived at.


Student Counselling Unit
The goal of counselling is to achieve a better personality , adjustment and growth by stimulating the students to explore their resources . We have helped the students to help themselves to change their attitudes and to get a deeper knowledge of self and self awareness. They are exposed to the process of modification of self perception and a modification of perception of others and of the world.


Attendance in Lieu of Participate in Games etc.
Any candidate who participate in games, cultural and other Co-curricular activities with the prior approval of the Principal concerned shall, for the purpose of condoning deficiency in attendance incurred by him/her on account of such participation be treated as present on all the working day's during  the days of his/her absence on such account for a period not exceeding 15 working days in semester programme.